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Why We Use WordPress

//Why We Use WordPress

Why We Use WordPress

We are proud to develop and run our websites using the WordPress CMS. With the expensive range of CMS’s available, such as Drupal and Joomla, we have been asked why we use WordPress. There are several reasons why we champion WordPress as our CMS of choice. Learn why we use WordPress below.

WordPress runs 30% of the web*

One of the main reasons we develop our websites with WordPress is that approximately 30% of the web runs on WordPress. Why is this important? This means that WordPress is widely trusted, stable, and capable of supporting a range of types of website. WordPress can support sites from blogs and brochure sites right up to fully-functional online stores and e-commerce sites.

Because of the popularity of WordPress, there is also a huge community providing themes and extensions for the software. Therefore, there is almost certainly some software built to extend WordPress for whatever you may need. You can read more below.

Themes & Plugins

As mentioned already, the WordPress community is massive. From this community comes a variety of themes and plugins, both free to use and premium, which allows WordPress developers to build a website suited to a particular industry or business.

At Broady & Dixon, we have selected a few high quality, reliable themes to use when building our websites. With these themes and carefully selected plugins, we are able to develop responsive, good-looking, and secure websites quickly for our clients.

It’s What We Know

Our developers all have a background in building with WordPress. We have solid experience and know WordPress like the backs of our hands. Our team will continue to work with WordPress because we know we can offer a high-quality service, and still easily learn and integrate anything new that comes to WordPress.

We know WordPress. So why stop using what we know and do well?

Fast & High Quality

This all comes down to the fact that our skilled designers can use WordPress to quickly and consistently deliver a high standard of service. To find out just how good we are with WordPress, get in touch today and learn what we can do for you.


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